About Julian Simpson

Julian Simpson

I'm a UK-based writer and director working in film, TV and radio. At the time of writing, I'm developing a weird six-part drama serial for the BBC, I've got a thriller called "Run" being put together at Potboiler Films and I'm working on the pilot to a Lovecraftian radio series for BBC Radio 4. 

This site is new and it's going to be an evolving thing which showcases work as well as providing a home for my ramblings, my photographs and recommendations for stuff you might want to watch, read or listen to. At some point I may start selling t-shirts or offering amateur tattoos - the sky is very much the limit.

When I was putting clips together for this site, I came across an old behind-the-scenes interview I did when I was directing Spooks (MI-5, if you're in the USA). The interview is from 2005 and some of it makes me cringe, like hearing your own voice on an answerphone, or discovering footage from nine years ago of you talking shit about your job. Anyway, I thought I'd put it up even though I'm not sure how much I agree with myself now. 

A View From The Grid
Interview with Julian Simpson (2005)